Tips on dressing your kids and keeping them stylish

Can’t figure out how to dress your kid? Often, we want to dress our kids as stylishly as possible but keep them comfortable too. We want them to look their best when they go out or maybe even to school and kid’s parties. Here, are a few tips that will help you dress your child the right way.


  • Take your kid along with you to the store. Even if you don’t let them choose take them along so you can try before you buy. Though it is your child you may have trouble figuring out whether the size and shape with suit your kid or not. It is not always about the size sometimes its about whether the outfit will suit your kid. So, put those trial rooms to proper use and take your kid with you when you shop for them.


  • Always choose quality over quantity. Clothes that are of better quality and cost more are always a better option than clothes that are cheaper but get spoilt easily. Rather than buying again and again its better you make a onetime profitable investment. Clothes that look good and feel good are always good for your kids. Another problem with cheap clothes could be that it can cause rashes and allergies to sensitive skin. So, be careful.


  • Ensure that your child is comfortable in what he or she is wearing. This is very important. Most often parents go for uncomfortable clothes just so their child can look stylised and fashionable. Remember a child will look good only if he or she feels good. Just like adults, children too have body types check whether the clothes you choose match their body type. Teaching them to wear and choose comfortable clothes from a young age will create a positive long-term impact.

  • Though they are young they already have a certain personality, try buying clothes for them that suit their personality. If they are friendly and extraverted then choose brighter colours and bold prints and design. If they are shy and introverted then choose more subtle prints and designs. Pastel colours would be appropriate for them than brighter colours. However, don’t be too rigid about this. Let them choose their own clothes as that improves decision making skills as well.


  • Though you must give them their own freedom to choose and wear clothes they like you must also set some parameters. Ensure that they wear something that is weather and age appropriate. Rather than letting them run free and choose whatever they like from the variety available at the store for them select four or five that you like and ask them to choose from those options. In this way it is a little bit of your choice too.