The Brahmin Choice: One for every Pricepoint

I’ve always admire Brahmin bags. They pack luxury, style and quality within every bag not to mention the different variations to fit your particular personality. Sometimes understated and sometimes in your face, these croco or ostrich embossed leather bags are easily able to blend in with your wardrobe or stand out to be the star of the show! The one thing I look for in a bag that will cost me over $200 is staying power. Although most women will spend well into the thousands to get a great bag, for me, it’s important to shop smart when you’re working with a limited budget and trying to include a designer item into your wardrobe. I wouldn’t want it $200+ to go in vain by the bag going out of style next season! This is why these Brahmin collection of Tote bags are the perfect selection for yourself or a gift to that special person this holiday season! Learn More 


What I love about these Brahmin Croco embossed leather bags is that there’s a version for every price point! So if you like the style, you can find a version for you and your pockets for the holidays!

There’s the luxurious Carry-on collection for $395-$495. These also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

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In the middle of these pricepoints are my favorite, the Perfect or Shopper Tote collection retailing from $225-$365. These also come in a variaty of colors and style.


Or you can opt for the very cute and ultra affordable ‘Anytime totes’ from $95-$255.