Summer 2018 : Your Must Have Pieces!

Once again, it’s time for the changing of the guard. That thrilling occasion that calls for a revamp of your wardrobe to include Summer’s must have trends! Luckily, for us, it’s not a complete revamp because we’ve seen a few of these trends trickle in for Spring, but not in the monumental way we will see it in Summer. I can see it already! This Fall/ Winter will separate the haves and the have nots and the Trendsetters from for Clones. So get yourself familiar your must have items and remember to make each trend your own!

10 Best Summer 2018 Clothing Looks

best clothing for summer 2018

1. Leather

One thing that’s certain about leather, it’s intimidating and alluring all at the same time when worn well. This season, there will be various opportunities to join into this trend, so find the right type of leather garment that works into your personal style.

2. Military

It’s safe to say that the military look manages to make an appearance every year in some shape or form. This Summer, the military trend takes a more sleek and tailored appeal.

3. Peplum

Yes, we’ve seen Peplum all spring/summer, though it’s Fall/Winter where it’s the most breathtaking! I believe it’s the mixture with all the other summer trends that makes it interesting. You’ll see a lot of peplum done in every imaginable way! Everything from peplum leather garments to even peplum military inspired coats!

4.Winter White/ Purple/ Red?Black

I’ve always thought that the most beautiful color to be worn in the fall and Winter is winter white. So that already makes me a fan of this trend. Add in the a rich purple and powerful red and it ups the ante for this season. As for the color black, well,it is a fashion standard and my personal favorite color, period!


The Shearling coat is back and in a major way! I’ve never seen so many array of beautifully designed shearling coats. Although shearling has the tendency to make you look larger, this year, there’s so many cool varieties of the trend that everyone can join in.

6. Artistic Flair

Artistic prints has made it’s way back to print on garments in the most seductive way! Wether it’s Brocade, Floral, Tribal and painting like prints on garments (similar to Versace), they’re everywhere and you have your pick.

7. Leopard

Always a crowd favorite, Leopard is a small but key part of this Summer’s must have. You have to admit it, a little leopard is a great edition to a leather piece as well as goes a long way in sprucing a boring look up.

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Final Thoughts About Summer 2018 Apparel

Although many may romanticize the unveiling of Spring/Summer for the lovers, this season has always been anticipated and revered as the season for Fashion! More than any other previous year, 2018 Summer Fashion trends has me doing cartwheels every time I think about leather,peplum, winter white and leather! The next seven days will be dedicated to highlighting each one of these trends as well as showing different ways to wear them. Are you ready for your closet revamp?!