10 ways to save money on summer clothes for kids

Do you feel like you are spending too much money on summer clothes for your children? Here are 10 hacks and tips that will help you save money on children’s clothing this summer

1) Alter winter clothing to make summer clothes for your children. Transform jeans that are getting somewhat short into cut-offs or capris. Combine a dress that is getting too short with stockings or tights and the dress turns into a baby doll top. Expel the fleece lining from winter jeans and wear them through the summer. Make a short sleeve shirt by expelling the long sleeve from “double” sleeve shirts.

2)  Search for summer clothes at a thrift store. Thrift stores offer a wide determination of clothing for kids. With a tad of looking you can locate some well-made things for your children. Most thrift stores offer a dressing room so you can have your youngster try on the clothing before deciding to purchase.

3) Take the clothes of your kids that they have outgrown to a consignment shop. You can utilize what you acquire from selling their old clothing to purchase their summer clothes. Consignment stores regularly give you the alternative of assuming store praise in lieu of a payment. Take a gander at the terms painstakingly. Here and there assuming store acknowledgment enables you to get a higher percentage on the things you sell and get it sooner than if you sit tight for a payment.

4)  Garage sales are an extremely economical wellspring of clothing for kids. Youngsters’ clothing is normally valued lower at yard sales than it is at thrift stores. Look on Craigslist for garage sales in your general vicinity that will sell youngsters’ things. You can frequently send an email to the individual holding the garage deal and ask them what size clothing they will have so you can be more certain about the garage sales that you visit.



5) ThredUP is a decent asset for previously owned youngsters’ clothing. This is an especially decent decision on the off chance that you don’t have any consignment shops in your general vicinity since you can sell your children’s utilized clothing and win credit to purchase clothing in the following size up for your little ones.

6) Organize a clothing swap with different guardians in your general vicinity. You can hold the clothing swap in somebody’s home or at a local church.

7) Purchase summer clothing on Ebay. You can discover both new and utilized kids’ clothing on Ebay. It is anything but difficult to look by brand, style, and size to discover precisely what you require.


8) Utilize Savings.com to discover a discount code. Attempt as you may to purchase every one of your children’s summer clothes second-hand, here and there you need to separate and purchase a couple of new things. Search for sales, correlation shop online, and make certain to get a discount code to boost your savings on new things. Furthermore, when purchasing jeans or shorts, search for flexible waists so your youngster can get additional wear out of them.

9) Think ahead when shopping from the clearance section. Summer clothing will begin being profoundly discounted directly after fourth of July. This is a decent time to begin stocking up for one year from now.

10) Try not to hurl stained clothing. You can broaden the life of stained shirts by tie-dying them. On the off chance that you don’t have any dye on hand, you can utilize bleach to tie-bleach clothing, which makes a same effect for lesser money.