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Fashion industry is one place where the world never seems to sleep. But it is not quite easy to always stay on the edge of the trend and also make sure that we are comfortable with what we are wearing. 

That is why we created this platform where you will know everything about clothing and way you can always trend. Scroll down to know more. 

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The industry’s Top leaders

Hayley Atwell

Fashion is the way of living that you choose to live. Never live in the fear of being judged.

James Lax

Fashion is one industry where you can explore yourself. Even if you mess up, you can always give a brand new entry.

Alex Macqueen

Learn the crux of fashion and always manage to look good while making sure you are comfortable.

Eloise Webb

Being fashionable is not about money. It is about the way you carry yourself.

Ben Chaplin

Yes, we are men and we love fashion. Do not give us that weird look. Fashionable clothing is for men as well.

Gareth Mason

Love the way you live. That is the easiest way to explore better.



Textile design at it’s best

Tips on dressing your kids and keeping them stylish


Can’t figure out how to dress your kid? Often, we want to dress our kids as stylishly as possible but keep them comfortable too. We want them to look their best when they go out or maybe even to school and kid’s parties. Here, are a few tips that will help you dress your child the right way.


  • Take your kid along with you to the store. Even if you don’t let them choose take them along so you can try before you buy. Though it is your child you may have trouble figuring out whether the size and shape with suit your kid or not. It is not always about the size sometimes its about whether the outfit will suit your kid. So, put those trial rooms to proper use and take your kid with you when you shop for them.


  • Always choose quality over quantity. Clothes that are of better quality and cost more are always a better option than clothes that are cheaper but get spoilt easily. Rather than buying again and again its better you make a onetime profitable investment. Clothes that look good and feel good are always good for your kids. Another problem with cheap clothes could be that it can cause rashes and allergies to sensitive skin. So, be careful.


  • Ensure that your child is comfortable in what he or she is wearing. This is very important. Most often parents go for uncomfortable clothes just so their child can look stylised and fashionable. Remember a child will look good only if he or she feels good. Just like adults, children too have body types check whether the clothes you choose match their body type. Teaching them to wear and choose comfortable clothes from a young age will create a positive long-term impact.

  • Though they are young they already have a certain personality, try buying clothes for them that suit their personality. If they are friendly and extraverted then choose brighter colours and bold prints and design. If they are shy and introverted then choose more subtle prints and designs. Pastel colours would be appropriate for them than brighter colours. However, don’t be too rigid about this. Let them choose their own clothes as that improves decision making skills as well.


  • Though you must give them their own freedom to choose and wear clothes they like you must also set some parameters. Ensure that they wear something that is weather and age appropriate. Rather than letting them run free and choose whatever they like from the variety available at the store for them select four or five that you like and ask them to choose from those options. In this way it is a little bit of your choice too.

10 ways to save money on summer clothes for kids


Do you feel like you are spending too much money on summer clothes for your children? Here are 10 hacks and tips that will help you save money on children’s clothing this summer

1) Alter winter clothing to make summer clothes for your children. Transform jeans that are getting somewhat short into cut-offs or capris. Combine a dress that is getting too short with stockings or tights and the dress turns into a baby doll top. Expel the fleece lining from winter jeans and wear them through the summer. Make a short sleeve shirt by expelling the long sleeve from “double” sleeve shirts.

2)  Search for summer clothes at a thrift store. Thrift stores offer a wide determination of clothing for kids. With a tad of looking you can locate some well-made things for your children. Most thrift stores offer a dressing room so you can have your youngster try on the clothing before deciding to purchase.

3) Take the clothes of your kids that they have outgrown to a consignment shop. You can utilize what you acquire from selling their old clothing to purchase their summer clothes. Consignment stores regularly give you the alternative of assuming store praise in lieu of a payment. Take a gander at the terms painstakingly. Here and there assuming store acknowledgment enables you to get a higher percentage on the things you sell and get it sooner than if you sit tight for a payment.

4)  Garage sales are an extremely economical wellspring of clothing for kids. Youngsters’ clothing is normally valued lower at yard sales than it is at thrift stores. Look on Craigslist for garage sales in your general vicinity that will sell youngsters’ things. You can frequently send an email to the individual holding the garage deal and ask them what size clothing they will have so you can be more certain about the garage sales that you visit.



5) ThredUP is a decent asset for previously owned youngsters’ clothing. This is an especially decent decision on the off chance that you don’t have any consignment shops in your general vicinity since you can sell your children’s utilized clothing and win credit to purchase clothing in the following size up for your little ones.

6) Organize a clothing swap with different guardians in your general vicinity. You can hold the clothing swap in somebody’s home or at a local church.

7) Purchase summer clothing on Ebay. You can discover both new and utilized kids’ clothing on Ebay. It is anything but difficult to look by brand, style, and size to discover precisely what you require.


8) Utilize Savings.com to discover a discount code. Attempt as you may to purchase every one of your children’s summer clothes second-hand, here and there you need to separate and purchase a couple of new things. Search for sales, correlation shop online, and make certain to get a discount code to boost your savings on new things. Furthermore, when purchasing jeans or shorts, search for flexible waists so your youngster can get additional wear out of them.

9) Think ahead when shopping from the clearance section. Summer clothing will begin being profoundly discounted directly after fourth of July. This is a decent time to begin stocking up for one year from now.

10) Try not to hurl stained clothing. You can broaden the life of stained shirts by tie-dying them. On the off chance that you don’t have any dye on hand, you can utilize bleach to tie-bleach clothing, which makes a same effect for lesser money.

Tips to dress comfortably and stylish


Dressing should always focus more on comfort over just style, which means don’t just pull on a skin tight dress simply because it looks good if you’re going to suffocate the whole night. In this article we’ve listed out some tips for you to dress comfortably while also making jaws drop.


Despite how unconventional this might sound, there is in fact a way for you to pull off your night wear in public. Now if these are your ratty sweats, you might want to think twice. Instead, find a few pairs of loose silk pyjamas, pair it with a shirt or Blazer and you’re good to go.


Leggings are always much more comfortable than your favourite pair of jeans. If reinvented, these can look very sophisticated and stylish no matter what the occasion. Ditch your thin spandex gym tights for a thick, cotton pair of leggings and wear it with a long shirt and ballerinas and you’re set for a long yet comfortable day at work.




While heels always seem the classier option for a night out, this is not necessarily true. Heels can quickly leave your feet blistered and painful. Today you can find flats that are both prettier and much more comfortable than your six inch heels.


If you can’t live without your heels, opt for block heels that are both stylish and extremely comfortable. Wedges are another perfect option when it comes to heels made for both style and comfort. Be it parties or a regular day out, these are your best bet.


Despite popular belief that it’s just perfectly fitting clothes that can make you look fashionable, it’s surprising to note that today oversized clothes are having their time in the limelight. Throw on a loose fitting shirt or a baggy jacket over your tight tank top and create a fun outfit that is also very comfortable.

It is important to understand that comfort clothing can also be tweaked with to be made classy and unique. Apart from these tips, there are many other ways as well, for you to dress in a way that is both


Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials That Complete Your Closet

All of us love to be fashionable, and we always make our best efforts to fall in line with fashion. However, it is not always about the dress that you wear but also the apparels that you sports and the types of outfit collections that you own makes your fashion sense better. Hardly people know the must-haves that make them appear fashionable. Also, certain clothes go well for all seasons and all reasons. So here are some of the wardrobe essentials that gives your closet a complete look.

Plain white t-shirt:

This is one thing that every woman must have one in her closet. If you do not have one, then probably you have missed out the option of appearing better. We are saying this because a white tee goes good with anything. If the material is thick and still breathable, they are good for both summer and winter. Spring the season where you have to look your best, and even then you are not complete without this one piece.

A pair of jeans and a jacket:

All of us for sure have a pair of jeans. Just make sure that you have one in all the types. It could be skinny jeans, the torn ones, jeggings, and so one. There are many variants and own one is everything so that you are always on the trend. The next thing that you have to remember is that you are always worth a jacket so make sure that you own one. You will look for confident and appealing. Also, a denim jacket goes good with almost anything that you wear. It is a really cool addition if you have a faux leather jacket. 

A waist belt:

Just like your jacket, there is one more apparel that you can mix and match with almost anything. That is a waist belt. A waist belt will make you look trendier. Also, we owe you something special just because you are reading this and that is why we are adding a hack. Do not worry if you have a loose tee or a maxi that just doesn’t sit well on the hip. Just add a waist belt and make it all sit in the right place.


Shoes make a woman look better any given day. Depending on the kind of shoes that you own you can make it a match for almost anything. All you have to do is own on is every type and that’s it you are all set. Some of the personal suggestions that we would ask for you to necessarily own are ballet shoes, sneakers and boots. If you have these three, you are good for any season or any event. It also helps you trend as well.

A little black dress:

A black dress is not only something that makes you look good but also a tad thinner if you are a fluffy little doll. Black looks good on any type of person regardless of your size, skin complexion and other factors. You can wear for almost any occasion, and you will still be lauded. So make sure you own something cute in black. After all, now we have enough apparels to make it look better.

Top 5 Misconceptions That Are Predominantly Found In The Fashion Industry

As much as we all love and praise the fashion industry there are also a lot of misconceptions about the industry and most of us still tend to believe them. It is all about the false things that we believe and the ones that people spread. It also could be like bursting your bubble, because everything that you believe about the fashion industry need not have to true. So here are some of the misconceptions about the fashion industry that you have believed so far.

It is more of a female-oriented industry:

This is the biggest misconception that we have to throw out of the fashion industry. Most of us believe that fashion is only for women and men do not want to trend. This is totally a myth that has to be broken. Men are very much a part of the trend, and they are also self-conscious about what they are wearing. So the next time you talk about fashion updates make sure that you include some men.

Fashion is only for the rich:

Again this need not have to be true. Being fashionable is a right that you have you enjoy for being the person who you are and not for someone who you are not. You can always be happy and fashionable with the funds that you have. Also, fashion is all about mixing and matching stuff. You can always make it affordable and less expensive. It is sometimes just the way you carry yourself and money can’t perfect that out for you.

Fashion is not fun either:

Just because we asked you to make fashion affordable, you cannot drop down to a conclusion that fashion is something that requires no skill. It is not true. Fashion requires a lot of skill and only that way you can make it look good and the way you want it to be. You cannot simply replicate fashion. The more you are yourself, the best you will be able to explore.

Women in fashion compromise on chastity:

This is the cruel realities that women in the fashion industry are facing. Just because a woman is into an industry that is a revolutionary and modern as the fashion industry, you need not have to call that person as someone who has lost virtues. At the end of the day, she is a model, and she is doing her job. If not for these women who are modelling in the industry, people will never be able to take fashion to the next level.

Your body matters:

I will give you a loud and a big NO for this. You need not have to be slim and fit to make it to the fashion industry nor look fashionable. Again it is about how well you know fashion and how well you are able to carry yourself. Fashion gels well with any body type, and some clothes make all of us look good. So do not be judgemental about the way you look.

Things To Remember When You Dress During Summer

Dressing up has become a big deal these days. Forget the days we dressed for comfort, these days we are dressing up to run in parallel with the trend. But does that mean that you have to have to forbid the season and wear anything that trends? No. That might not be a cool idea, especially when you are dressing up for summer. So here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind when you dress up for summer. Do not worry we also have it mind that trending matters. So with no further delay let us get to the list.

Keep your cloths light-weighted:

This is the first thing that you have to keep in mind. As long as the outfit that you wear is thin, you are not going to sweat out a lot. Sweating out is not really a cool idea when you are planning to trend. Light weighted clothes also make you feel fresh and not really like you get drenched in the rain. So do not skip this. Just make sure that you only wear light-weighted clothes.

Make sure your clothes breathe well:

The first thing that you have to remember when you pick an outfit for summer is that they must allow good air circulation even while you are wearing them. The only way your body can maintain the cool temperature during the summer is by precipitating, and if your clothes are not breathing well, then it is not possible to maintain the temperature of your body.

Prioritise the protection of your skin:

There are a lot of things that you have to consider when you pick an outfit for summer. The first thing in that regard is the protection of your skin against the UV rays that penetrate your body. So make sure that you wear clothes that better protect your body and also make sure that they do not penetrate your skin. This is the reason why people are asked to avoid black clothes, and that draws in a lot of heat, and that is not good for your skin. Also, add protective apparels. A hat that you wear might not just trend but might also cover your head.

Consider the material:

If you take a look at the things that we spoke of here, we included clothes that weigh light are the ones that are best suited for summer. However, if there is one thing that matters more than that, then it is the material that you are wearing. Certain materials make you sweat a lot and also the prevent air circulation. For instance, materials like polyester, silk or even satin clothes are not so cool for summer. Even if you are wearing blazers, make sure they are unlined.

The Brahmin Choice: One for every Pricepoint

I’ve always admire Brahmin bags. They pack luxury, style and quality within every bag not to mention the different variations to fit your particular personality. Sometimes understated and sometimes in your face, these croco or ostrich embossed leather bags are easily able to blend in with your wardrobe or stand out to be the star of the show! The one thing I look for in a bag that will cost me over $200 is staying power. Although most women will spend well into the thousands to get a great bag, for me, it’s important to shop smart when you’re working with a limited budget and trying to include a designer item into your wardrobe. I wouldn’t want it $200+ to go in vain by the bag going out of style next season! This is why these Brahmin collection of Tote bags are the perfect selection for yourself or a gift to that special person this holiday season! Learn More 


What I love about these Brahmin Croco embossed leather bags is that there’s a version for every price point! So if you like the style, you can find a version for you and your pockets for the holidays!

There’s the luxurious Carry-on collection for $395-$495. These also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

hand bag apparel clothing


In the middle of these pricepoints are my favorite, the Perfect or Shopper Tote collection retailing from $225-$365. These also come in a variaty of colors and style.


Or you can opt for the very cute and ultra affordable ‘Anytime totes’ from $95-$255.

Military: The Constant Threat

Military: The Constant Threat

The Military trend is one that makes an appearance every season, whether it’s for fall/winter or spring/summer. Luckily for 2012, this trending is debuting for fall and it does not disappoint! The difference between this year’s trend and the others is that the designers took their time with the details and gave it a sleek Chic appeal, especially for Coats and Jackets.

I must say that this year Burberry Prorsum takes the gold as the Best in Trend. The detailing and variety in their coat and bag selection makes my heart beat faster and faster every time I take a look at one of their pieces!

Coats for clothing military style

militiary coat clothing

kids military clothing top shelf

military handbag clothing

military handbag soft leather

leather military bag clothing

~All Coats and Bags can be purchased at Burberry.

How to go Military!

1. You can always go the direct route of actually purchasing obvious Military items> Coats with a Military feel, Olive green or khaki color clothing & cargo style pants.

2. There’s always the option of creating the military feel with through your accessories.

         a. Grab a dark colored chunky belt , military style hat or leather gloves to add on to a basic outfit. If your look already has a lot going on then it won’t work.

         b. Get some gold like military style pins and add it your outfit. Along with that idea, you can also replace dull buttons with medium to large military style options.

         c. Color is also important. Remember to stick to your neutrals. It would be pretty hard to be believable with pink on.

         d. A great pair of lace up boots also goes a long way to help complete the look!

                                          *****Military on a Budget*****

A simple way of going Military on a budget is by adding in a Trench Coat  with a couple of accessories (suggested above) into your wardrobe. The great thing is about this trend is that you don’t need to go crazy purchasing over the top items to make your look come alive. Go to your nearest Army and Navy store, local  Salvation Army or Thrift Shop for some cool and original add ons. So have fun and start to gear up!


Summer 2018 : Your Must Have Pieces!

Once again, it’s time for the changing of the guard. That thrilling occasion that calls for a revamp of your wardrobe to include Summer’s must have trends! Luckily, for us, it’s not a complete revamp because we’ve seen a few of these trends trickle in for Spring, but not in the monumental way we will see it in Summer. I can see it already! This Fall/ Winter will separate the haves and the have nots and the Trendsetters from for Clones. So get yourself familiar your must have items and remember to make each trend your own!

How I’ve Learn to Build a Recession Proof Wardrobe


In life, you have to learn adapt to unwelcome change in order to survive. Whether it’s to cope with life’s hardships or simply to insure your survival, adapting is an essential skill that we sometimes never learn until our backs are against the wall. Well at least that was the case for me. I’ve always worked in some field of Fashion or retail since I was able to work. I easily fell more and more in love with beautiful clothing due to three reasons other than a pure love of fashion and style. The first was the coveted employee sweet discount as a retail Visual Merchandiser, then being able to pick out some of the most fashionable items before others as a Fashion Stylist an lastly, simply being able to walk into a store and buy what I wanted because I had a well paying job. Eventually I became addicted to the thrill of shopping. So what happened to ruin my dream life? Well for starters, being young and dumb happened. The years sped up I began to realize that I not only let numerous opportunities slip by but I also spent too much money on clothes (yes clothes not bills or savings). So i’ll repeat, young and dumb delivered me to a place called Broke and Confused! Then of course a little bit of bad luck and recession left me unemployed and depressed for close to 2 years! How was I not only going to keep up with my quasi ‘image’ but most importantly, how was I going to survive with no income coming in? Check here for more info – http://www.topshelfclothingmi.com

Luckily for me, I knew that style was the one thing that money couldn’t buy.

I was no stranger at being broke and picking myself back up! I fell back on to my God given talents and decided to start to create my own lane in this Fashion world. Faith, hard work and resilience would be my three favorite words. After I made that career move, I turned back to my wardrobe because after all, image is key. My first step was to categorize my personal style, which is classic mets vixen on somedays and alluringly androgynous in others. Knowing my personal style was the key ingredient needed to create a recession proof wardrobe.

wardrobe apparel top shelf clothing

The first thing I did was clean out my closet by creating two separate piles. The first pile consisted of all essential and well kept pieces needed to create looks for my personal style. The second pile was all outdated clothes and shoes which I planned to donate. I wasn’t interested in holding on to it in attempts that the style may resurface because in my mind, that just created more clutter in my closet. This next step, though small, was crucial to the revival of my outfits. I invested heavily in adding new accessories into my wardrobe. For someone is budget conscious, this is the SMARTEST way to rejuvenate your wardrobe because they are the most affordable add-ons! The last step was hair and make-up. We tend to forget that this is as much a part of an outfit as any other thing. It can either steal the show or cancel it! All of these steps were a life saver. It also made it easier for me to get dressed in the morning and it worked perfectly with my non-existing cash flow.

As the saying goes, ‘Experience is the best teacher.’

I’ve learned the hard way on how not to live and deal with my money. I’m not saying that I’m totally out of the red yet, but it’s a little better and my future is looking much brighter than it has in years! A sense of purpose and little faith is what helped me keep me head high when that was the hardest thing imaginable. To other’s going through a similar experience, I would encourage you to look at your situation as a positive thing in the long run. It’s a way to start over and be a better, smarter and more unstoppable you! P.S…One last thing. I know that I feature a lot of expensive items on this blog. What else can I say, but that I love well made garments. I can appreciate the art and craftsmanship of luxury items. Although I drool over these items, I know where my pockets are and when I’m able to allow a few of these dream pieces in… I’ll be on cloud nine! Until then, I live in a ‘Look for Less’ reality.

Loving Your Style Within,


“Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed.”

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